Privacy Policy for Patients


The information that we obtain from customers will be kept confidential and will not be shared or  distributed to any third personnel or parties, other than

  • 1. The doctors who are registered with our service
  • 2. The administrative team of the company.

However in the case where information needs to be disclosed to the department of justice or police force for criminal investigations, the information will be disclosed to them under the rule of law of Malaysia.

The information that you provide us with can only be viewed by doctors who are registered with the service only if your identity card number is made known to them during your appointment with them. Once the details of your health is recorded after an appointment with them,  these details can no longer be altered or deleted by any doctors or by the administrative staff of the company.

It is the responsibility of the user to keep his or her username and password to himself and not to share with others. The company will not be liable for any health information that is leaked due to the negligence of the user himself.

The company does not allow doctors to record sensitive health conditions such as all forms of sexually transmitted infections ( eg HIV, Hep B and Hep C), fertility issues, pregnancy and all forms of psychiatric conditions under the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Health Problems ( ICD) in the system to prevent such data from being leaked and manipulated by third parties which would jeopardise the patient's dignity. If these data are still being recoded by a registered medical practitioner into the patient's profile, a warning email will be sent to the practitioner and the patient involved notified. The practitioner shall bear the full consequences if these data were to be leaked and the company shall not be responsible for it.

Only include health condition that you are comfortable with sharing with the doctors involved to prevent the leaking of sensitive health conditions.

Patients have the right to inform their practitioners which health issues, blood results and scan results that they are reluctant to be recorded in the system, which they feel will jeopardise their dignity or privacy if these information were to be shared with other medical practitioners or the administrative staffs of the company

Users have the obligation not to publicise any of their heath issues and their details on social media such as on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter account. Any who does so will have their account terminated automatically and payment not refunded. The company has the rights to make a police report if such incident occurred intentionally or non-intentionally to uphold the highest integrity in healthcare system and medical profession.

Doctors who have signed up with the system are obliged not to leak their own or patients ' health details onto social media or to any third parties. Any doctor who does so will have the evidence submitted to the Malaysian Medical Council, Health Ministry and police for further investigations and actions.

Doctors can only share a patient' s health details with the patient's family members or relatives only if a written or documented verbal consent has been obtained from the patient himself. In an event the patient involved has suddenly lost consciousness or lacks the capacity to make decisions, a written request will have to be send to the company via email address alongside with the necessary evidence for the company to send a copy of the patient's recent health conditions to the doctor involved if this act is necessary to provide the best care and treatment to the patient himself.

The company shall not be responsible for any inaccurate information that are keyed in by the medical practitioners into the patient's online profile.

The administrative staff of the company has access to the information of patients but are obliged not to disclose any of these information to any third parties unless demanded by the rule of law of Malaysia, that is if a c.