Terms of Service(Malay)

GrandPhoenix Health Terms & Conditions

Summary of terms and conditions

When a user successfully registers for an online personal medical diary:

  1. An email of proof of registration will be sent to the user's registered email for verification.
  2. Once a payment of RM 30 per month ( a once off annual payment of RM 360) has been made, the account will be successfully registered and email verification will be sent to the user as stated above.
  3. All registered users are entitled to free monthly medication delivery to their homes 1 month after the registration of their account. The total of 12 deliveries will be made per year and  each rescheduling of delivery will be charged. Deliveries will be made to the address provided to us through registration of the service.
  4. The user is responsible for the safe keeping of his or her account username and password. The company is not liable if these details are leaked to any third parties if accounts are not properly logged out after each use.
  5. Doctors who wish to use the service will also need to register for free for an account. They are responsible for recording important basic details of each patient's condition as they are paid on a basis of each entry per month. However they have the obligation of not revealing important details to any third parties without the patient's consent. If such unprofessionalism were to occur, a police report will be made and Malaysian Medical Council notified by the company.
  6. The administrative staff has the right of access to the details keyed on for each patient and has obligations not to reveal any of these information to any third parties unless requested by the law of Malaysia if any criminal events are suspected.
  7. We will not use the information provided to us for any research, merketing or publicity purposes.
  8. However, audits of patient's medical conditions will be carried out within the company from time to time to help improve our services to you in the future.
  9. With this users also agree not to disclose any of their information to third parties, which include law firms for any medical litigations unless a formal complaint is made to the Malaysian Medical Council, Health Ministry of Malaysia and a police report is made for medical negligence first and investigations are underway.
  10. If information is needed for any forms of medical litigation, the information has to be retrieved from our company's main office( official visit to the Head office is needed together with supporting documents) and not via users showing their account information to any investigation bodies or law firms to prevent unjust accusation and manipulation of data  prior to proper investigation and trial.
  11. A formal supporting report of the user's medical conditions is needed from the company for the information to be valid to stand trials.
  12. User are not allowed to post any of their or other user's medical information on any social media  platforms, magazines, newspapers or on any other platforms for public read.
  13. The company has the right to close the account but still retain the information in our company for safe keeping if any breach of confidentiality or these terms and conditions is found. A police report against the individual will also be filed by the company.
  14. Doctors registered with the system and the administrative staffs of the company would  notbe able to alter or change any of the user's appointment details ( diagnosis, blood tests and vital signs) and their respective future appointment dates once they are being saved and recorded in the system. New entries into the patient's portfolio or diary will have to be made if there are new ammendments to be made.
  15. Once a user has deceased, a family member is required to update the company about it via email. His or her medical details can only be disclosed to a family member if there is a written advance directive by the deceased prior to his or her death. The advance directive has to be legally  prepared by a qualified and practicing solicitor under the Law of Malaysia for it to be effective